Wanted. ‘High-end’ audio components.

Think ‘Audio Research’ or ‘Krell,’ not ‘Amstrad’ or ‘Kenwood.’

Looking to turn your unwanted kit into cash?

We buy quality hifi.

We’re always actively looking for ‘high-end’ separates and systems for cash.

‘High-end’ equipment and vintage ‘classics’ from established manufacturers. Sorry, that means no Dansettes or 1970s ‘Comet systems’ and unfortunately no big speakers without the original packaging/boxes.

Ideally, you might have a cupboard full of :

  • Turntables
  • Phono stages
  • Pre amplifiers
  • Power amplifiers
  • Integrated amplifiers
  • Streamers
  • DACs
  • Standmount/bookshelf or smaller floorstanding loudspeakers (preferably boxed)
  • Cables of a certain value
  • Reel to Reel tape decks (10 ½ inch)
  • Cassette decks (Nakamichi or equivalent)

Please call 01562 731100 or to let us know what you have, you’ll normally get an instant decision.