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Hand-crafted valve amplifiers, classically ‘retro’ in appearance, but utterly contemporary in sound quality.
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Japanese excellence in a carefully-considered design, the CS300 was without question a breath of fresh air when it came along.

Recalling the heydays of Japanese amplifiers from the 1970s, the original CS300, using Sovtek EL84s, quickly became an international cult classic. Designed by one of the most highly regarded Japanese ‘tube’ designers, Hyodo-san (formerly of Luxman) Leben products are based on a ‘self-biasing’ circuit which maskes them a tube-roller’s wet dream – owners can swap valve types to change the sound character with no other adjustment required.

The range has since expanded, with revised versions of the original model – upholding their ‘retro kitsch’ appearance – and the more powerful CS600. Still hand-built in Japan by an experienced, highly-skilled team using high quality components, Leben amps remain a bit of an audiophile bargain in the crazy world of valve amplification.

Leben amplifiers never fail to make audiophiles of a certain age smile. Sit back and enjoy.

exclusive UK distributor
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Exclusive UK distribution.

We’ve introduced and are proud to represent a number of brands in the UK, in some cases this relationship extends over almost two decades.

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