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They may be famously reticent to publish technical information on their cables, but whatever it is, they’re doing something right.

Tellurium Q.

Multi-award winning cables.

We were invited by Midland Audio Exchange to write something more about why our cables have gained the recognition they have in recent years and so we are taking the opportunity to do so.

Relative transient phase distort (RTFD) is not new, it was investigated by Bell labs for issues in telephony way back in the 1930s. What they found was that this caused problems ‘naturalness’ in voices, even finding that there were artefacts that should not be in the sound reproduction.

Fast forward to today and we at Tellurium Q have been working with RTFD as our starting model for improvement and development for all our products. We iterative test our product developments obsessively and ruthlessly, sometimes scrapping whole projects and beginning again from the very start (people we have spoken to about our approach find it hard to believe the detail we delve into).

This has given rise to a solder that is non industry standard, varied time envelopes and temperature envelopes for different product preparation, unusual multiple plating for connectors that varies from one product to the next and many many more details that become more than the sum of the parts. With this approach even cables in the same family can look completely different from one another, (e.g. Black Diamond RCA Vs XLR). This has allowed us to be so precise in what we produce that we can offer our customers our Matrix tool that makes choosing your cables to suit your system and preferences extremely accurate.

As one reviewer put it, “it is as though a filter has been removed so everything becomes clearer and more distinct.”

We have an unwritten contract with our customers that we will only bring to market what we hear as a genuine improvement. Therefore in the last 10 years we have well over 100 reviews that are unusually consistent in their findings with Tellurium Q cables. It may also be why Tellurium Q have consistently and regularly gained Product of the Year Awards. It is definitely why we confidently invite customers to listen for themselves and then decide to buy.


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