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Last updated 09 July 2024


Product RRP Now
Audio Technica OC9 EX B low hours
Michell audio GyroSE moth rb300£2895£1899
Technics SL1210 GR black with origin Live OL1 and techno weight N/A£1399
Rega Research Fono MC NOS
Inspire Enigma GL75 inc Jelco SA750 12" and Ortofon Quintet Wengeplinth
Well tempered Amadeus 254 GT x demo
Well Tempered Versalex  xdemo
Dynavector DV10X5 USED
Trio KHA-50 high speed ACTIVE MC head amplifier NA£249
Sparkler Audio S508 "Esprit" MC phono stage
Rega RB2000 Tonearm silver taken off a P10
Gold Note Bellagio Reference Turntable xdemo


Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable with B7 Ceramic Tonearm inc PST-10  xdemo



J A Michell Engineering Transcriptors Reference with Michell focus tonearm RARE (restoration project)
Project Audio systems 6 SB REDUCEDN/A
Konus Audio Transformative 500 mc step up, sealed -- £899


Auralic Vega G1 streaming DAC boxed
Computer Audio Design CAD 1543 DAC MKII
Naim Audio ND5 XS with XP5XS streamer with FM module and burndy and psu £3995£1599
Musical Fidelity Encore connect 2TB streamer /ripper /CD player Black
Vitus audio RD101 streamer DAC in black xdemo £14000£7999
NAD C700 brand new REDUCED £1299£799
Auralic Altair G1 streaming DAC
Auralic Vega G2.1 DAC Streamer xdemo
Chord Electronics 2yu ex demo
Sonore Micro Rendu in MRCU/LDA linear PSU xdemo
BNIB denoes Brand new unopened


Product RRP Now
TrinnoV AL16 Altitude  Cinema Processor Black 2022 version
McIntosh MC255 5 channel power amplifier
NVA P50 and S80 pre power£1450£899
Hegel H95 streaming amplifier 6 months old
Leben CS300F 2 months old Light use
Krell k300i Inc digital board black £13000£7999
Trafomatic SM300b with Emission labs matched 300b
Canor Audio AI 2.10 hybrid amplifier £3999£1899
Townshend Audio Allegri Reference Black X demo
Zanden 8120 power amplifier X demo
Musical Fidelity M8xi black xdemo
T+A PA3100 Integrated Titianium X demo
Dan D'Agostino Progression Integrated X demo silver
Gold Note IS1000 amplifier Black
NuPrime IDA8 streaming amplifier silver x display£1199£699
Cyrus CA7.5 Preamplifier Black
Conrad Johnson GAT s1 preamplifier boxed immaculate NA£5999
Conrad Johnson premier 350 SA power amplifier boxed immaculate NA£5499
Synthesis Audio Soprano LE with Telefunken diamond EL84 fitted
Quad 34 with MC phono module DIN version Boxed immaculate
Conrad Johnson ET3 xdemo Line stage
Lavardin ISX reference RED inc MM phono no remote option 6 months old full warranty
Technics SU-R1000 Black Integrated Amplifier xdemo REDUCED
Gold Note PA-10 Stereo Power Amplifier silver xdemo
£1700 £999
Convert Technologies Plato Classic Class A streaming Amplifier  xdemo SERIOUSLY REDUCED


Product RRP Now
Avalon Evolution series NP2.0 Cherry
Harbeth Audio Compact 7ES-3 Cherry
Harbeth audio P3ESR Rose wood boxed immaculate condition REDUCED
Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 1 walnut with dedicated stands £6950£4799
Vimberg Amea Black gloss Copper insert X demo
Vimberg Mino Black gloss xdemo
Klipsch Klipschorn AK9 walnut X demo
Sonus faber Olympica Nova 2 Wenge
Totem Acoustic Aro piano Black Claw feet boxed REDUCED
Serhan Swift Brigadier MU2 black gloss REDUCED£5999£3499
Cyrus audio icon X4 maple REDUCEDNA£799
Mangeplanlar .7i black /oak x demo £1995£1299
Totem Acoustic Bison monitor opened box full warranty REDUCED
Raidho X1T black gloss with dedicated stands 1 month old never registered REDUCED£6800£4799
Harbeth Audio HL5plus walnut BNIB
Harbeth Audio Compact 7ES-3 40th aniversary Walnut BNIB Limited Edition
Harbeth Audio M30.2 40th Aniversary Walnut BNIB Limited Edition
Harbeth Audio M30.2 40th Anniversary Eucalyptus BNIB limited Edition
Harbeth Audio P3esr  Walnut BNIB
Harbeth Audio P3ESR Cherry BNIB
Velodyne MicroVee MK1 black subwoofer
Apogee Acoustics Centaur ribbon loudspeakers
BNIB denoes Brand new unopened

Racks & Isolation

Product RRP Now
Lateral Audio Cadenz LAS 9 4 tier black REDUCED
Lateral Audio Cadenz LAS 9 3 tier table black REDUCED
Finite Elemente Spider amplifier stand (2 available) REDUCED
Something Solid 6 tier  racks glass shelves Grey x demo  Only 2 left !


Product RRP Now
Transparent Cable 1m Ethernet GEN 5
Audiomica Labs 1.5m volcano balanced interconnects
JPS aluminata 2x4ft speaker cables
Vertere Acoustics Pulse HB dual mono 5 pin din to 5 din New
Ayre signature 3m RCA interconnects £1295£399
Esprit Kappa G8 1.8 RCA interconnects
Esprit  Kappa G8 1.2m RCA interconnects £975£499
Esprit alpha G8 2x3m 4mm terminated Speaker cable £695£349
Esprit alpha G8 1.2m RCA interconnects 
JPS Super Conductor 2 x12 ft speaker cables
Transparent Cables music wave Plus 2x12ft Spades XL
Transparent Cables Music Wave Plus 2x 12ft 4mm terminated XL
NBS Professional III 2x 3 ft spades speaker cables xdemo
NBS Statement Extreme III 2 x 6ft Speaker cables  xdemo  £11875£2499
Shunyata Research Alpha MK1 2 x 2.5m Speaker cable demo£4400£2250

Power Management

Product RRP Now


Product RRP Now
Entreq Magma Energy transforming device
Nakamichi CR1E cassette deck 2 head Full operational
Pirate AUDIO 600mm heavy stands 1980s Collection only
Audio resreach BL1 balance line convertor RARE
Black Ravioli Record Ground "AMAZING" BNIB
Kuzma UltraSonic cleaning system with up to10 records capacity ex demo 
Dr Kirmuss RCM with Utrasonic bath Includes all cleaning tools and sleeves BNIB
Cartridge Azimuth pertractor BNIB
Dr Feickert PNG pertractor new  "The best"BNIB
BNIB denoes Brand new unopened

Audiophile Vinyl Records and CDs

Product RRP Now
Electronic and Ambient Vinyls collection just in !
Rock JAZZ and Popular  Vinyl records used ll graded EX/EX NEW STOCK NOW IN!

All Patricia Barber titles on CD
All Bela Fleck and Flecktones titles on CD--
All Holly Cole titles on CD --
Devialet formontera  Ella Fitzgerald 200grm live 110£99

E & OE

Ex-demonstration equipment normally includes the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Second-hand equipment which we’ve either purchased or taken as a trade-in will normally carry a three month warranty.

Equipment in both categories are normally listed on our eBay Shop and frequently also in the Trade Classifieds on popular audio sites Hifi ForSale and PinkFishMedia.