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Last updated 01 December 2023


Product RRP Now
Rega Research P1plus white £385£279
Acoustic Research The legend MP10 gold N/A£375
karan acoustics PSU for Kuzma Reference or XL AC record player £3999£999
Rega Ania MC part worn £549£249
Project Audio Systems 6.1 included Ortofon MC15 mkIIN/A£375
Trio KHA-50 high speed ACTIVE MC head amplifier NA£249
Technics SL1210 mk2 origin live modded psu Origin live Onyx tonearm AQVox statement balanced cartridge with AQVox copper arm cable Origin Live turntable platter mat 
Roksan Xerxes XPS 7 and Artemiz REDUCED N/A£1349
Sparkler Audio S508 "Esprit" MC phono stage
Chord Electronics balanced phono stage silver used
Roksan TMS1 SMEV DS1 Ortofon Rohmann XLO signature arm cable immaculate REDUCEDNA£5799
Rega RB2000 Tonearm silver taken off a P10
Gold Note Bellagio Reference Turntable xdemo


Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable with B7 Ceramic Tonearm inc PST-10  xdemo



J A Michell Engineering Transcriptors Reference with Michell focus tonearm RARE (restoration project)
Dual CS505 refurbished REDUCED 
Project Audio systems 6 SB REDUCEDN/A
Konus Audio Transformative 500 mc step up, sealed -- £899


NAD C700 brand new REDUCED £1299£899
Rockna Wavelight DAC Silver or Black BNIB
Rockna Wavedream DAC Edition XLR silver
Rockna Wavedream DAC signature XLR ultimate Ladder DAC silver
Harmonic Resoultion Technogies STAGE complete system Black or White BNIB
Audiobyte Hydra /Vox hub /Zap full combo BNIB silver or black
Synthesis  Roma 14DC+ USB/CD player DAC silver or black New £2499£1599
Muse electronics Erato II MAP UNIVERSAL TRASPORT £5500£1799
Cambridge audio DAB300 tuner black NA£75
Arcam CD250 transport and Black box 50 DAC NA£299
Audiolab 6000T transport  Silver
Metronome Technologies Le Player 2 black x demo
Rega Saturn R 9 months old full warranty
Auralic Altair G1 streaming DAC
Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer  xdemo
Auralic Vega G2.1 DAC Streamer xdemo
Rockna Wavedream NET Black /CD /ripper /server/bridge REDUCED
Naim audio NDX 2 Streamer 2022 xdemo
£5,499 £4499
Chord Electronics 2yu ex demo
Sonore Micro Rendu in MRCU/LDA linear PSU xdemo
BNIB denoes Brand new unopened


Product RRP Now
Magnum Dynalab MD209 receiver £5999£2999
Revox B150 amplifier N/A£399
Conrad Johnson GAT s1 preamplifier boxed immaculate NA£5999
Conrad Johnson premier 350 SA power amplifier boxed immaculate NA£5499
Synthesis Audio Soprano LE with Telefunken diamond EL84 fitted
Quad 34 with MC phono module DIN version Boxed immaculate
Cyrus q power silver power amplifier N/A£200
Audiolab 9000a 4 months old black REDUCED
Conrad Johnson ET3 xdemo Line stage
Lavardin ISX reference RED inc MM phono no remote option 6 months old full warranty
Technics SU-R1000 Black Integrated Amplifier xdemo
Gold Note PA-10 Stereo Power Amplifier silver xdemo
£1700 £999
Naim Audio NAIT 3XS  2019 boxed £2499£1649
Naim Audio NAC 252 2021 xdemo REDUCED
£7499 £4999
Aavik P300 stereo pweramplifier Black immaculate  REDUCED
Croft Series 4SA valve power amplifier fully serviced 2022 REDUCED
Convert Technologies Plato Classic Class A streaming Amplifier  xdemo£3999£1750


Product RRP Now
Serhan Swift Brigadier MU2 black gloss £5999£3749
Cyrus audio icon X4 maple NA£899
Quad ESL63 totally refurbished panels  at factory in Rosewood N/A£1299
Avalon acoustics NP2.0 figured walnut £3999£1999
Mangeplanlar .7i black /oak x demo £1995£1299
Totem Acoustic Bison monitor opened box full warranty
Raidho X1T black gloss with dedicated stands 1 month old never registered £6800£4999
Fink team Borg xdemo REDUCED£25900£16995
Harbeth Audio P3esr 40th anniversary walnut BNIB Limited Edition
ProAc tablette 8 signature Maple slight damage to one speaker
Spendor Classic 200 cherry ex demo
Harbeth Audio M30.1Cherry BNIB full warranty
Harbeth Audio SHL 5 plus 40th anniversary Walnut BNIB full warranty
Velodyne MicroVee MK1 black subwoofer
Apogee Acoustics Centaur ribbon loudspeakers
B&W 603s2 aniversary in white immaculate REDUCED 
Skylar HL5 stands
TonTräger Reference M40.3 stands £1500£949
Martin Logan CLX Art Walnut Boxed Immaculate  Reduced
BNIB denoes Brand new unopened

Racks & Isolation

Product RRP Now
Finite Elemente Master Reference MK2 H09 maple amplifier stand
Lateral Audio Cadenz LAS 9 4 tier black REDUCED
Lateral Audio Cadenz LAS 9 3 tier table black REDUCED
Finite Elemente Spider amplifier stand (2 available)
Something Solid 6 tier  racks glass shelves Grey x demo 


Product RRP Now
Vertere Acoustics Pulse DiFi hi speed USB 2m
Vertere Acoustics Pulse DiFi USB 1.0m xdemo
Vertere Pulse XS 2x3m speaker cables shotgun speaker 4mm
Vertere Acoustics Pulse HB dual mono 5 pin din to 5 din New
Vertere Pulse B 1.65m RCA interconnects xdemo
Tellurium Q Blue USB 1m
Atlas Cables Opus 1m 75ohm Digital
Chord Cables 2x 3m Rumour speaker cables 4mm 
Ayre signature 3m RCA interconnects £1295£399
Esprit Kappa G8 1.8 RCA interconnects
Esprit  Kappa G8 1.2m RCA interconnects £975£499
Esprit alpha G8 1.2m RCA interconnects 
JPS Super Conductor 2 x12 ft speaker cables
High fidelity cables  CT1 1m RCA £1750£799
Transparent Cables music wave bi wire 2x8ft SpadesN/A£275
Transparent Cables Music Wave Plus 2x 12ft 4mm terminated XL
Siltech  Classic SQ88 1m Balanced
Siltech Cables 1m CAST Krell
Shunyata Research Sigma XC 1.75 C19 to shucko
NBS Professional III 2x 3 ft spades speaker cables xdemo
NBS Omega Junior 2 x 4ft speaker cables xdemo £695£349
NBS Omega II 4ft RCA interconnects xdemo REDUCED£2950£999
NBS Omega II 4ft RCA interconnects xdemo REDUCED£2950£999
NBS Statement Extreme III 2 x 6ft Speaker cables  xdemo  £11875£2499
Shunyata Research Alpha MK1 2 x 2.5m Speaker cable demo£4400£2250

Power Management

Product RRP Now
Running Springs Audio Duke 2 outlet mains conditioner used
Running Springs Audio JACO 4 outlets Mains conditioner BNIB
BNIB denoes Brand new unopened


Product RRP Now
Magnum Dynalab MD108T sinature FM tuner black BNIB
Magnum Dynalab Signal Slueth F-250R BNIB
Black Ravioli Record Ground "AMAZING" BNIB
Kuzma UltraSonic cleaning system with up to10 records capacity ex demo 
Dr Kirmuss RCM with Utrasonic bath Includes all cleaning tools and sleeves BNIB
Cartridge Azimuth pertractor BNIB
Dr Feickert PNG pertractor new  "The best"BNIB
Finite Elemente Cerebase Slimline set of 4 NEW
Finite Elemente Cerepuc set of 4 NEW
Finite Elemente Cereball set of 3 NEW
BNIB denoes Brand new unopened

Audiophile Vinyl Records and CDs

Product RRP Now
Rock JAZZ and Popular  Vinyl records used ll graded EX/EX NEW STOCK NOW IN!

All Patricia Barber titles on CD
All Bela Fleck and Flecktones titles on CD--
All Holly Cole titles on CD --
Devialet formontera  Ella Fitzgerald 200grm live 110£99
Thelma Huston Pressure Cooker i got the music in me Sheffield Lab sealed

E & OE

Ex-demonstration equipment normally includes the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Second-hand equipment which we’ve either purchased or taken as a trade-in will normally carry a three month warranty.

Equipment in both categories are normally listed on our eBay Shop and frequently also in the Trade Classifieds on popular audio sites Hifi ForSale and PinkFishMedia.