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Last updated 15 June 2021


Product RRP Now
Roksan Xerxes XPS V DS1.5 Artemiz Artexerxes turntable package Black Ash

Roksan Xerxes XPS7 Rmat 5 Artemiz Re wired Audio Origami Black Ash

Ortofon M2red used 100hrs
Tom Evans The Groove 20th aniversary MC phono stage 2013 REDUCED
 Stack audio serene extreme full Kit x demo
Nottingham Analogue Interspace JR, Space arm, AT30 mc REDUCED
£2065 £999
Konus Audio Transformative 500 mc step up, sealed -- £1199


ProductRRP Now
Sony CDPX33ES CD player

Ayre Acoustics QB9 USB DAC
Roon Nucleus plus MK1 boxed immaculate
Reimyo DAP 999ex DAC immaculate
Goldmund Eidos 20a SACD/CD immaculate boxed £7500 £2499
Nagra CDT 9 months old  with warranty £11500£8499
Accuphase DP560 SACD /CD player used twice full warranty boxed£10000£8799
Sony ST S311 AM FM tuner--£59
Bel Canto DAC3.5 VB usb  DAC REDUCED £2790£1299
BelCanto. CDt3. Black transport  £1600£1149
Muse Erato II Universal player, new REDUCED£7300 £3499
Weiss MAN301 black server transport/ripper REDUCED £7800 £3499


Product RRP Now
Primare A30.1 integrated Amplifier boxed
Krell KSA250 class A manifique !Power Amplifier

Devialet D200 amplifier boxed immaculate £6990£3299
LK100 Power Amplifier

Roksan L2.5/DS1.5/S1.5 black Pre Power combo

Goldmund Telos  200 mono amplifiers
Goldmund Mimesis 27.3 preamplifier with DAC module
Leben CS00F Review Sample  New Full warranty
Norma Audio Revo IPA 140 with DAC and Phono module fitted  xdemo £6630£4995
Norma Audio Revo IPA 70 with DAC and phono module fitted x demo £4243£3298
Dynaudio acoustics T2000  Power amplifier £2600£999
Hegel H90 streaming amplifier xdem £1499£999
Convert Technologies Plato Classic Class A streaming Amplifier  xdemo£3999£1999
Conrad Johnson HP1 headphone amplifier xdemo
Conrad Johnson ET7 series II preamplifier
Conrad  Johnson 27A class A stereo power amplifier xdemo
Conrad Johnson GAT2 line stage REDUCED  £28995£13995
Conrad Johnson ART300 monos x demo  REDUCED£41999£19999
AudioNote Japan Kondo KSL Neiro  2A3. Integrated amplifier Kondo San built £34000£14999
Resolution Audio M100 Monos Crated Latest amplifier modules fitted £8900£3999
VTL TL 6.5 Series II Signature Preamplifier Used £19800£10995
Golden Tube audio SE85, new £3000 £1999
Kharma MP150 mono class D (pair) £5000 £2400
Wadia A315 class D power amplifier, xdemo £3998 £1995
Devialet Expert 140 Pro, xdemo £4990 £3499
Devialet Expert 250 Pro, xdemo £13490 £9995
Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty Two, new £4999 £3995
Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary £2999 £1899
Synthesis Soprano integrated £1499 £999
Synthesis Soprano LE EL34  valve Amplifier   Phono stage and DAC £1899£1399


Product RRP Now
ATC  SCM 11 cherry boxed immaculate £1450£799
B&W 804 S cherry
Sonus Faber Sonnetto Wood inc stands xdemo
Dynaudio Audience 52 Maple 
Keswick Audio Research Volante SE Mahogany

Audio Physic Classic12 walnut immaculate boxed
Quad 2905 complete service all new panels full range electrostatics boxed immaculate
Wilson audio System 7 Obsidian Black IMMACULATE all tools and manuals NO crates
Wilson Audio  system 8 obsidian black crates  accessories £27500£8999
Neat Acoustics Motive 1SX B stock Rosenut open box immaculate £2120£1399
JBL Pro Cinema 3.1 system ex studio 3 x 2x15" 2" radial compression horns
Avalon NP2.0 Evolution, ex Alan Sircom £3999 £2799
Sonus Faber  Tradition Amati violin Red xdemo  full warranty REDUCED£23500£15999
Avalon Pro Mixing Monitors black New sealed
Mark Audio Sota Cesti B white £1950 £999

Racks & Isolation

Product RRP Now
Lateral Discovery 4 tier xdemo Oak
Lateral Discovery 3 tier xdemo 3 available Oak
Quadraspire Q4 Reference maple 4 tier “The wobbly one”£1000£399
KraK 4 tier wood rack xdemo 3 available
Krak 3 Tier wood rack xdemo maple
CreAktiv  Systems Audio 1 3 tier maple £599£199
Something Solid 6 tier  racks glass shelves x demo 6 availble each £1000£299
finite elemente APS Pagode MR HD02 maple 3 tier support £7995 £4999
finite elemente Pagode Edition XL Turntable version maple £8999 £5499


Product RRP Now
chord cables USB SilverPLUS 1m £25
analaysis plus solo copper ARS/EBU digital 110ohm balanced interconnect£99
Transparent Cables Powerlink Super 6ft UK mains Cable
MIT ORACLE MATRIX HD120 Speaker cables 2x 25FT PAIR spade terminations REDUCED
MIT ORACLE MATRIX HD 90 REV1 1x10FT + 1x15FT spade terminations REDUCED
NBS Omega Junior 2 x 4ft speaker cables xdemo £695£349
NBS Omega Junior 6ft UK mains xdemo
NBS Omega 2 2x4ft speaker cables xdemo £4950£1799
NBS Omega 2 4ft RCA interconnects xdemo £2950£1199
NBS Omega 2 4ft RCA interconnects xdemo £2950£1199
NBS  Master 3 4ft RCA interconnects xdemo £2400£799
NBS  Master 3 4ft RCA interconnects xdemo £2400£799
NBS Statement Extreme 6ft UK mains cable xdemo£3950£1199
NBS Statement Extreme 6ft UK mains cable xdemo£3950£1199
 NBS Statement Extreme 2 x 4ft Speaker cables  xdemo  £11875£2499
NBS Extreme black label  bi wired Speaker  cable 2x3ft£20000£2999
Shunyata Research Alpha 2 x2.5m Speaker cable demo£4400£2250
Shunyata Research Sigma 2.2m gold spades new unused £6600£4250
Shunyata Research Sigma 2 x2.5m copper spades Speaker cable demo£6400£3250
Cardas Clear M Power 1.5m C15 UK furutech mains cable
Cardas Clear M Power 1.0m C15 to UK furutech mains cable
Cardas Clear M Power 3.0m C15 UK furutech mains cable£1399£899
Crystal Cables Micro 1m RCA interconnect

Power Management

Product RRP Now
Burmester 948 power conditioner used inc Mains cable
Running Springs audio Duke 
2  way  conditioner      
Running Springs audio Jaco 4 way
conditioner 20amp IEC required


Product RRP Now
Acoustic Revive RL1 -1GB ethernet Filter
Zanden Optical Disc cleaner NEW
Dr Feickert PNG pertractor new  "The best"

Stillpoints Ultra mini set of 4 £460£379
Stillpoints  ultra base 8 available price each £60£45
Stillpoints LPI record stabiliser £490£379
stillpoints     Ultra 5 8 available price each £610£479
Kuzma Ebony Macassar record weight NEW£1500£1299
Finite Elemente Cerebase Slimline set of 4 NEW
Finite Elemente Cerepuc set of 4 NEW
Finite Elemente Cereball set of 4 NEW
Harmonix TU666 ebony board, sealed (1 available) £1700 £999
Harmonix TU666 ebony board, used (1 available)£1700£799
Kuzma Record sleeves 50pcs,NEW
-- £59.95

Audiophile Vinyl Records and CDs

Product RRP Now
Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch Blue Note 180 grm

Dave Brubeck Time Our 180grm

Dexter Gorden GO Blue Note 180grm

Miles Davis Sketches of Spain 180 grm

Getz/Gilberto Verve 180 grm

All Patricia Barber titles on CD

All Bela Fleck and Flecktones titles on CD
All Holly Cole titles on CD 
Devialet formontera  Ella Fitzgerald 200grm live 110£99
Thelma Huston Pressure Cooker i got the music in me Sheffield Lab sealed


E & OE

Ex-demonstration equipment normally includes the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Second-hand equipment which we’ve either purchased or taken as a trade-in will normally carry a three month warranty.

Equipment in both categories are normally listed on our eBay Shop and frequently also in the Trade Classifieds on popular audio sites Hifi ForSale and PinkFishMedia.