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Minimalist modular racks created by the legendary amplifier manufacturers.

K-Rak by Lavardin.

A solution born of frustration. Lavardin originally built these for years purely for their own use.

Jean Christophe Crozel of Lavardin found the effects of metal-framed stands were without question affecting the sound of his amplifiers, realising that metal racks were effectively like putting his amplifier in a Faraday cage.

Lavardin’s view in fact tends to be that a good quality (non-specialist) furniture piece often performs better than typical ‘audiophile’ metal & glass or MDF designs.

After extensive testing, Lavardin selected a specially-commissioned very high quality marine ply board as the optimum material for amplifier support – the anniversary version of the model IT even coming with its own dedicated ‘Le Plak’ wooden platform.

Originally built solely for Lavardin’s own use, the density and the weight of the stands make them perfect for a wide range of components. Combining performance with simple modular assembly mean they offer a fabulous solution at a modest price.

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