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Uncompromised design and build quality from Denmark.


Hans Ole Vitus. The name conjures up a Nordic God and rightfully so – a ‘hifi God’ of the highest level, his pursuance of audio excellence has been a passion 30 years.

I have very impressed with the Reference range of Vitus products, which offer astonishing value for money with the very best build quality and of course the most important thing, supreme sound quality.

The RI-101 enables listeners to achieve a one-box ‘high-end’ solution with the optional DAC and streaming boards – a very elegant solution for less than you might think.

Moving to the Signature range, the SIA-030 offers unprecedented build and sound quality, taking the listener to a stratospheric level of fidelity. This is without question one of my favourite pieces and whilst being in the bracket of ‘hyper amp’ I still believe it offers superb value for money.

I am more than happy to help anyone who wants to discover the Vitus approach to heavenly ‘high-end’ home audio.


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