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Defining what a turntable has to do is a simple enough task. Designing and engineering a turntable, on the other hand, quickly reveals itself to be a far more complex proposition, which few master with the elegance of Michell Engineering’s designs.

Michell Audio.

Originally founded by John Michell as very much a specialist engineering company. Amongst other things, John made precision scale models and built the space ship ‘Discovery’ (later to become the inspiration for the GyroDec) for Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘2001 :A Space Odyssey.’

Having started building turntables in the 1970s, Michell Audio, (Engineering as was), still run by the Michell family, has long been viewed as a British audio icon, with an extremely loyal customer base.

Re-invigorated by a move to a new factory and with an expanded product range, including a range of cartridges for the first time ever, we think Michell should be on the shortlist of any serious vinyl enthusiast.

The latest GyroDeck, Gyro and Orbe variants are currently on demonstration.

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