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Hand-made in France, Esprit’s artisan audio cables have been something of a well-kept secret in the UK at least.

Esprit Audio.

Richard Cesari has one goal, to convey the ‘spirit of music’ and does so completely with his Esprit cable range.

Esprit was founded over 20 years ago and remained totally unknown to me until a friend in PR put my name forward to represent the brand in the UK.

At first I was a little apprehensive. Oh no more cables – do I really need another cable brand?

Some demonstration cables were sentover, the middle of the range Eterna. This is where it got interesting – the first thing I noticed was the presentation and the construction were both superlative, so on to the auditioning.

Initial positive impressions of the audio performance hardly prepared me for the transformation after a recommended 80 hours or so of ‘running-in’ resulting in a detailed, delicate and musically nuanced presentation in a manner I have not heard in any previous brand – individual aspects of the sound are never allowed to take precedence over the integrity of a beautifully balanced performance.


exclusive UK distributor
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Exclusive UK distribution.

We’ve introduced and are proud to represent a number of brands in the UK, in some cases this relationship extends over almost two decades.

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