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The legendary amplifier manufacturers rethink loudspeaker design.

Lecontoure by Lavardin.

The latest brainchild of JC Crozel of Lavardin.

The more conventional, now-discontinued, Stabile and Mobile range were superb sealed box designs, but now the Lecontoure Airline breaks all the rules.

I am thoroughly delighted to be the UK distributor of LeContoure Airline loudspeakers, which not only present a different look but are a different sounding loudspeaker. Using omni-directional technology, they paint a very big picture when used close to a wall, creating a huge three dimensional soundstage with air and space.

The 150 and 150 Reference along with the 200 and 200 Reference models are on permanent demonstration at MAX.

Vive la différence!

exclusive UK distributor

Exclusive UK distribution.

We’ve introduced and are proud to represent a number of brands in the UK, in some cases this relationship extends over almost two decades.

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