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Perhaps the most recognisable loudspeaker brand of the ‘first wave’ of the US high-end invasion of the UK’s audio scene in the 1980s.

Wilson Audio.

The late Dave Wilson was a true pioneer in loudspeaker design.

I’ve been an avid fan ever since I heard the original ‘WATT’ (Wilson Audio Tiny Tot) back in 1987. With the introduction of the WATT ‘Puppy’ and its derivatives, Wilson has been a byword for the highest quality in loudspeaker manufacturing.

I remember going to Absolute sounds for the launch of thefirst generation Grand SLAMM (Super Linear Adjustable Modular Monitor) and I was hooked.

Over 20 years later, we are happy to still be associated with the brand. Since Dave Wilson passed away in 2018, the company has been headed by his son Daryl, who has been heavily involved in the design process for several years – and is now setting new standards while remaining true to his father’s design philosophy.

The recently released Sasha DAW (named after David Andrew Wilson) is without question one of the finest full-range systems I have heard.

Wilson Audio remain the standard for others to aspire to.


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