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franc audio footers

Franc Audio.

For many audiophiles, system tuning/isolation technologies are something of a can of worms. Totally beneficial? Completely un-neccessary?

Over the years, a lot of tuning devices, using a variety of different approaches have been auditioned at MAX. Different methodologies each have their adherents, even while debate on their relative merits starts to sound like the script from a ‘Carry On’ film – “Would Sir prefer soft and squidgy, or ultra-hard and rigid?” Oo-er, matron.

As with so many things in hifi, we consider how well any given technology is applied is ultimately more important than a strict adherence to any particular approach. The Franc footers typically implement a multi-layered combination of carbon fibre, aluminium, ceramic and viscous polymer components. The standard of machining and fit & finish are superb, indicative of the meticulous attention to detail at every stage of design and manufacture.

We don’t think there’s a universally applicable ‘one size fits all’ solution, but the Franc Audio range perhaps gets closer than any other we’ve tried, giving superior performance to pretty much anything else we know of yet at an often substantially lower cost.

Unlike most other products which subtly emphasise particular areas (sometimes excessively so), the Franc Audio devices leave the fundamental character of your components/system unchanged. Think of it more like focusing a camera or switching to a higher quality lens, you gain a clearer view of the original subject.

We hold all the products for home demonstration, call now to book your slot.

franc audio footers


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