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Nothing else looks like a Magneplanar, nothing else sounds like a Magneplanar. For many owners, nothing else will do.


In 1969 Jim Winey invented the Magnepan planar speaker after owning a number of electrostatic loudspeakers. Since then the principle has remained essentially the same, but developments in materials have meant higher quality build as the design and production process have been refined over the years.

The rest is history. The company still manufacture in Minnesota – and they proudly display the legend ‘Made in America, Sold in China.’

At MAX the Magneplanar range has always featured in our portfolio – representing exceptional value for money, the speakers offer a taste of real ‘high-end’ sound at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

There’s always a number of them on demonstration and I’m delighted to help with any aspect of owning this brand of speaker.

We typically have .7i, 1.7i, and 3.7i in our studio – please note we don’t sell the LRS, which is not currently available other than via direct sale .


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