Karan Acoustics.

Country of origin : Serbia

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Superlative performance from beautifully manufactured equipment. High powered European amplification at its finest.

Karan Acoustics.

Small, but long present and stable ‘micro brewery’ of some of the very best solid-state (transistor) audio electronics from Serbia.

Karan does not change its designs and products as often as most others. Once something becomes a finished product it is not only good enough, but so far ahead of the rest it can peacefully remain alive and unaltered for many years to come.

Milan Karan, the man behind everything Karan Acoustics, firmly believes in true differential (balanced) audio circuits, bipolar output devices and as overgenerous power supplies as possible for a supreme outcome. For almost 20 years the global high-end audio community has learned to agree and accept such a philosophy with great pleasure and joy.

Dual mono pre and power amplifiers, proprietary solutions for pure class A power without excessive heat and power consumption, huge power reserves and dynamic headroom, subtlety and musical transparency are just some of the virtues hiding inside beautiful chassis design and ergonomics.

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