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Stax earspeakers
A truly legendary name for over 50 years, Stax’ electrostatic ‘earspeakers’ are still regarded as the standard to which all others aspire.


For pretty much the entire lifetime of audiophiles of a certain age (ie. me), Stax has been the name which defines the standard in excellence in headphones (or ‘earspeakers’ as Stax has long described them).

Their electrostatic technology has been continually refined over the decades and now more than ever Stax earspeakers are, I believe, the best money can buy.

With the growth of personal audio more and more audiophiles are appreciating the non-fatiguing ‘true to life’ presentation coupled with superb comfort, all of which means users can – and frequently do – lose themselves hour after hour of listening pleasure.

It’s a ‘no brainer’ – if you desire the best then buy Stax.


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