MAX 25 Year Anniversary

‘High-end’ audio products. Civilised demonstration facilities. Friendly ‘down to earth’ advice and service. Midland Audio xchange.

Twenty five years experience in providing music lovers with the very best audio replay systems.

Covid-19 Update.

Alas, Lockdown 2.0 is cramping our style a bit. We’re here, but obviously no demonstrations. Happy to chat or advise though, and of course we’re still selling and shipping orders as normal. And don’t forget we are able to send out items purchased from our eBay Shop for delivery meantime. Stay safe.

We look. We listen. We choose very carefully.

‘High-end’ two channel hifi dealers & distributors.

We offer a painstakingly selected portfolio of the world’s finest audio products. UK distributors of brands including Esprit Cables, Fuuga, Lavardin and Leben.

Please see our ‘Products’ page for full range of brands.

Here’s where the real magic happens.

Analogue & vinyl replay specialists.

Home is where the heart is, and we’ve always had a particular affinity with vinyl. Turntable/tonearms from Nottingham Analogue, Rega, Well Tempered Lab, and Vertere. Cartridges from DS Audio, Dynavector, Kiseki, and Koetsu.

Please see our ‘Products’ page for full range of brands.

featured product: analogue
featured product: digital

CD resolution and above at the touch of a finger.

Digital & streaming audio experts.

Just as the demise of vinyl was widely exaggerated, so too is the death of the silver disc. CD replay from Hegel, Rega, and Sparkler Audio.

Streamers/file playback from Auralic, CAD, Melco, Naim and Taiko. DACs from Chord, DCS, Nagra, and T+A.

Please see our ‘Products’ page for full range of brands.

Loudspeakers in all shapes and sizes.

Loudspeakers from ‘Wow!’ to WAMM.

We have a very broad range available for demonstration. Classic and elegant designs from Harbeth and Franco Serblin, left-field thinking from Lecontoure, Magnepan and Shahinian, and state-of-the-art from Vimberg and Wilson.

Please see our ‘Products’ page for full range of brands.

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Our Brands

Our selection of the world’s leading audio manufacturers.

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