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Unique. Quirky. Crazy. We’ve heard all these and more. But abandon convention and listening reveals a hugely engaging sound drawing you into the essence of the music.

Sparkler Audio.

Born out of the desire to offer unique, hand-made high quality audio products at reasonable prices without compromising the sound quality.

Kazutoshi Tsukahara, Sparkler Audio’ CEO and chief designer, has worked for 12 years as a firmware designer in the development of CD, Super Audio CD (SA-CD) and DVD equipment at Sony’s Tokyo Technology Center.

Passionate about good sound quality, and an avid short wave radio enthusiast, he could not agree with the frequently ‘artificial’ sound of various digital formats. He knew that digital could be designed and implemented to sound good and natural.

A master of electronics, with a strong influence from the work of Japanese design masters such as Junji Kimura, Hideya Masutani, and Noboru Tominari, Tsukahara-san is devoted to designing no-nonsense products that will satisfy music connoisseurs all over the world.

exclusive UK distributor

Exclusive UK distribution.

We’ve introduced and are proud to represent a number of brands in the UK, in some cases this relationship extends over almost two decades.

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