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Continuing the Japanese tradition of artistry and painstaking craftsmanship, acclaimed as a serious contender for the title of ‘world’s best.’


“And Then Came Fuuga” said Image HiFi in the headline of their review of Fuuga Phono Cartridge. Indeed, after Fuuga, nothing will be the same in the world of vinyl.

A true world class reference cartridge that sets new quality standards for the sound quality reproduction in the ultimate high-end.

Born on the heritage of famous Miyabi cartridges, Fuuga, a handmade Japanese jewel redefines boundaries of LP reproduction.

Cherish the rare opportunity and hear the cartridge that has already become the reference to number of audio manufacturers as well as a reference cartridge to some of the most respected audio reviewers worldwide.

This is simply the most engaging and satisfying cartridge I’ve come across in years: a future classic – now.

Roy Gregory

Fuuga is, without a doubt, among the handful of highest-performing, most enjoyable cartridges I have heard.

Michael Fremer

There is no cartridge that is such a complete package on the highest level – It stays in my system.

Uwe Kirbach
exclusive UK distributor
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Exclusive UK distribution.

We’ve introduced and are proud to represent a number of brands in the UK, in some cases this relationship extends over almost two decades.

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