Midland Audio X-Change
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> Distributor for Lavardin Amplification LeContoure Loudspeakers Sparkler Audio UK and Emm labs Digital Meitner Audio in the UK please call for latest prices We now stock all Audiofreaks products
> Emm labs DV2 now on demo Cardas Audio Clear on demo SME 10 Black limited edition in stock Sonus faber Sonnetto range now on demo, Norma Audio Revo IPA 140 and 70 integrated here at last, WE have the 1st Kuzma StabiR on demo in the UK come and listen to this wonderful turntable combo
> Zanden Audio products now available and on demonstration Conrad Johnson ET6se on demo Hegel amplifiers make an entrance to MAX H190 and H590 0n demo Shunyata Research Mains Solutions now on demo Vitus RI101 steaming amplifier now on demo AURALIC Aries G1 now on demo Well tempered Simplex II now on demo Harbeth Anniversary models now on demo M30.2 HL5plus Spendor A7 loudspeakers now on demo Vertere Acoustics are now on demo cables and Turntable products please call for more details Technics Range of electronics now available including SL1000 turntable MAX Chord Cutest DAC in stock 1195 Chord Hugo TT2 and M scaler on demo