Midland Audio X-Change

Atlas cablesEos 4SQ MM2.0m power cable immaculate condition IEC to Shucko 404179VIEW EQUIPMENTPLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS. 
Atlas cablesEos 4SQ MM2.0m power cable immaculate condition IEC to Shucko 404179VIEW EQUIPMENTPLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS. 
Audio ResearchLS2 a lovely line stage non remote with 6DJ8 bugle boys fitted N/A999VIEW EQUIPMENTORIGINAL PACKAGING   
Audiolab8000Mbritish built mono amplifiers tested and in good working order N/A499VIEW EQUIPMENTSMALL MARKS ON ONE AMPLIFIER NO BOXES 
AudioquestLeopard1.2m Arm cable with 5 pin IC to XLR unwanted order REDUCED699399VIEW EQUIPMENTHIGH END ARM CABLE BTAND NEW 
AuralicPolarisOur demo unit with full warranty one box streaming amplifier 34992499VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH ALL ACCESSORIES AND MANUALS  
Avalon AcousticsTimeDemonstration pair immaculate example of this world class speaker6499539995VIEW EQUIPMENTCOME WITH CRATES AND TOOLS AND MANUALS 
Avalon AcousticsNP 2.0 Evolution 1 of 5 pairs made in this stunning burr walnut ex Alan Sircom 39992799VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED IN IMMACULATE CONDITION  
Avalon AcousticsSymbolBrand new and unused in maple wood REDUCED46002799VIEW EQUIPMENTOUTSTANDING PAIR OF SPEAKERS FOR THE PRICE  
Burmester100 phonoquite possibly the best MC phono stage and A2D converter to digitize148007999VIEW EQUIPMENT2 YEARS OLD WITH BOX AND WARRANTY  
Burmester035X demo preamplifier with MC phono stage 77004999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED IMMACULATE WITH WARRANTY  
Chord ElectronicsHugo2 3 months old as new award winning DAC headphone amplifier 17991425VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS 
Chord ElectronicsCPA4000stereo preamplifier remote control fully balanced boxed105003499VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS 
Chord ElectronicsSPM 1200estereo power amplifier 350 watts per channel fully balanced 85002995VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS 
Conrad-JohnsonGAT2state of Art valve line stage xdemo in immaculate condition 2749522995VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH ALL ACCESSORIES 
Conrad-JohnsonDT 1 DA2bsuper flagship transport and valve dac sounds like high end record player N/A1499VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS 
Conrad-JohnsonPremier 8a275w valve mono block just re valved at great expense awesome250005999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS AND SPARE VALVES 
DevialetAtohm12 way louspeakers developed with devialet x demo in gloss white1999949VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED IN GOOD CONDITION 
DevialetExpert 1000 Pro just over a year old one careful owner latest specification boxed warranty2490014999VIEW EQUIPMENTIMMACULATE EXAMPLE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES AND WARRANTY 
Expressive Technologies Model 1Quite possibly the best ever valve phono preamplifier ever built 140008999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH ALL MANUALS AND IMMACULATE CONDITION  
Finite ElementeXP A collaboration with Audio Physic made one of the finest speakers 160009999VIEW EQUIPMENTBRAND NEW NEVER USED  
furutechG2 Pro audiophile USBA to B USB cable 0.6m long as new 15499VIEW EQUIPMENTNO BOX 
Golden Tube AudioSE 85NOS brand new never been opened immaculate iconic valve amplifier N/A1999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED NEVER BEEN USED 
HarmonixTU666Ebony tuning board for source components of the highest quality 1700999VIEW EQUIPMENTBRAND NEW NEVER USED  
Hegel Music SystemsP20fully balanced and remote controlled preamplifier less than a year old 22501599VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH REMOTE AND MANUALS 
Karan AcousticsKAM2000the pinnacle of what amplifiers do class A 2000 watt mono amplifiers 5499544999VIEW EQUIPMENTBRAND NEW NEVER BEEN USED WITH WARRANTY 
Karan AcousticsKA L Reference Phono MK3Reference Mk3 Karan Acoustics ultimate statement in phono pre149958999VIEW EQUIPMENTBRAND NEW NEVER BEEN USED WITH WARRANTY 
Karan AcousticsKA DAC24/96 burr brown digital to analog converter fully balanced 90003999VIEW EQUIPMENTBRAND NEW NEVER USED  
Karan AcousticsKA I 180 MK2integrated amplifier BNIB cancelled order huge saving in silver69995499VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH FULL WARRANTY  
KinshawPerception PRE2 box great line level analog preamplifier BNIB warehouse find 1299399VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED AS NEW NEVER USED  
KrellKSA80classic class A power amplifier in good working condition N/A1799VIEW EQUIPMENTNO BOX COLLECTION A MUST 
KuzmaAnti static record sleevea pack of 50 of the best anti static sleeves you can get N/A59.95VIEW EQUIPMENTBRAND NEW LIMITED STOCK 
KuzmaStabiS 12 Ref 313 Ortofonless than a year old with a brand new MC fitted sounds stunning 61304500VIEW EQUIPMENTFULL WARRANTY APPLIES AND ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND TOOLS AND MANUALS 
KuzmaReference cover Specially made cover for a kuzma reference turntable 599349VIEW EQUIPMENTSLIGHT MARK ON REAR  
LinnKlimax DS3 Katalystone of the very best sounding streamers year old 1 careful owner 158007999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH ALL ACCESSORIES IMMACULATE CONDITION  
Magnum DynalabMD107 TSuperb triode valve FM tuner stunning sound quality 49953499VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED IN IMMACULATE CONDITION  
MuseErato II CD, DVDThe quest for the finest ends here the Erato II best CD and DVD available73004999VIEW EQUIPMENTX DEMO UNIT BOXED WITH FULL WARRANTY  
Naim AudioSupernait 22018 our demo model full warranty applied boxed with manuals32492500VIEW EQUIPMENTSLIGHT MARK TO FRONT PANEL HARD TO SEE  
Naim AudioNait XS22018 our demo model full warranty applied boxed with manuals19791499VIEW EQUIPMENTIMMACULATE  
Naim AudioNS01naim server full width with 2TB HDD xdemo REDUCED37951199VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH 1 YEAR AWRRANTY 
Naim AudioSupercap DRPower supply our demo unit 2017 boxed with full warranty 45993299VIEW EQUIPMENTIMMACULATE  
Neat AcousticsUltimatum XLS inc Standsan ultimate stand mount in cherry with dedicated stands immaculate REDUCED66752499VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS  
Neat AcousticsIOTAour demo pair in Red amazing speaker for its size735549VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED IN GOOD CONDITION 
PlatoClass AOur demo unit streamer amplifier and vinyl copier class A amplifier 39991999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED AS NEW FULL WARRANTY  
ProAc LoudspeakersResponse D25beautiful Birds Eye Maple sound lovely boxed with all accessories N/A1299VIEW EQUIPMENTSLIGHT MARK ON THE REAR RIGHT EDGE OF ONE SPEAKER 
Quad ERA1award winning headphones as new boxed with all accessories 599449VIEW EQUIPMENTLIGHT USE ONLY  
Raidho AcousticsD1.1latest version of this phenomenal 2 way ribbon tweeter and diamond bass244959999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED AS NEW WITH 5 YEAR WARRANTY  
Running Springs AudioRSA CROWN JEWEL 2m C19 to UK mains cable brand new20001199VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED AS NEW  
Running Springs AudioJACO4 UK outlets mains conditioner with no compression 30001799VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED AS NEW  
Sonus FaberSignum + Ironwood stands super sounding 2 way monitors hand crafted in italy matching stands N/A1499VIEW EQUIPMENTNO BOXES AND GRILLES NEED ATTENTION  
SonyPS4300Direct drive and fully automatic with ortofon VMS20 mk2 no box N/A349VIEW EQUIPMENTNICE LITTLE TURNTABLE WITH GREAT SOUND  
SynthesisShineBNIB valve integrated 40 watts class A fully remote 24991499VIEW EQUIPMENTIN WOODEN CRATE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES AND MANUALS 
TechnicsSP10 + Obsidian plinth A rare find and in lovely condition original turntable with psu N/A2999VIEW EQUIPMENTNO BOX COLLECTION PREFERRED  
Transcriptors LimitedRF1 RB330our demo unit in immaculate condition with a brand new Rega RB330 1500975VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH YEARS WARRANTY  
Unison ResearchSimply Italya beautiful EL34 based valve amplifier fully remote x demo19991199VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH FULL WARRANTY  
Van Den HulAES ebu PRO 110 OhmThe AES-EBU impedance for professional balanced digital signal at 110 Ohm17999VIEW EQUIPMENTIMMACULATE  
Verity AudioFINNa beautiful floor stander in gloss black fully boxed with manuals59952999VIEW EQUIPMENTIMMACULATE CONDITION  
Vertere AcousticsPulse Ras new 1.15m RCA interconnect cable one of the finest available 27501299VIEW EQUIPMENTIN ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND WITH WARRANTY  
Vitus AudioRI 101latest version on the superb amplifier comes with apple remote 118008999VIEW EQUIPMENTNO DAC MODULE FITTED ONLY A FEW MONTHS OLD WARRANTY ISAPPLIED 
VTLTL 2.5super stereo valve preamplifier balanced and single ended 31001999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS  
VTLST150super stereo valve 6550 based amplifier runs in triode tor tetrode69003999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED WITH MANUALS  
WeissMan 301server ripper internet streamer network player transport version 78003999VIEW EQUIPMENTBOXED IN IMMACULATE CONDITION WITH MANUALS  
WeissMAN301Server ripper renderer one of best money can buy xdemo82004999VIEW EQUIPMENTPLEASE PHONE FOR FURTHER DETAILS. 
Wilson AudioSasha 2our demonstration pair in obsidian black gloss full warranty REDUCED3798921995VIEW EQUIPMENTCRATED WITH ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDES INSTALLATION WITHIN THE UK 
XLOPro 1002x 3m loudspeaker cables copper high current with spade termination39999VIEW EQUIPMENTSLIGHTLY USED 
Zanden120Yamada entry phono stage with 5 EQ curves and gain setting 2 inputs MC84996499VIEW EQUIPMENTLESS THAN A YEAR OLD IMMACULATE BOXED WITH WARRANTY